Be Saved From Everything Prayer

Say the prayer below sincerely

Almighty Father GOD, I know You created me because You love me. I also know I have sinned and I am a sinner. I am unable to receive all the blessings You have for me until my sins are washed away. Therefore, I come to You for my sins to be washed away.

Almighty Father GOD, because You love me and You want to wash my sins away and You know that I am unable to wash my sins away and I’m unable to overcome sin. Therefore, You sent Your WORD to take the form of a man. And this man, You named him JESUS CHRIST.

And because He came out of You, He is called the only begotten Son of GOD. And this man, JESUS CHRIST, who is also GOD, suffered and died on the cross and rose again for my sins.

And whilst He was tempted and suffered, He did not sin. Therefore, HIS PURE HOLY BLOOD washes away my sins. I receive it, I receive it humbly that He is the SON of the Living GOD, I receive His sacrifice. I receive His sacrifice to wash away my sins.

Almighty Father GOD, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, I am able to cast out all evil spirits that are robbing me of my living or my future.

Almighty Father GOD, You are the One who loves me and You sent your SON who loves me. And Your Son the WORD of GOD, suffered and died for me. No one else suffered and died for me and I receive His suffering. I thank you Lord JESUS, I thank you Lord JESUS come into my heart Lord JESUS CHRIST and take control of my life. Make my life new and I will walk in righteousness because of the power You have given me, to cast out every evil spirit in JESUS CHRIST name. Amen.

Lord JESUS CHRIST You are SON of GOD and You love me. That is why You suffered for me so I can be saved. You suffered for me so that I have power over satan and all evil forces. You suffered for me so that I can live a good life, an abundant life. You suffered for me and therefore, I LOVE YOU, Lord JESUS. And Your WORD is clear, if I love you, I must keep Your commandments. Make me keep Your commandments. I surrender myself to You so that I have all Your blessings Lord JESUS. Make me walk in Your path and please You. Amen.

Lord JESUS CHRIST. I believe You, that You wash away my sins by your PURE HOLY BLOOD that you spilt for me. Because You suffered for me and died for me and rose again. And because of that, I am able to walk in Your WORD. I want to please You as I walk in Your WORD and You make me walk in Your WORD, Lord JESUS. And when my earthly body dies You take
me Home to be with you in Heaven. Thank you, Lord JESUS. Thank you, Lord JESUS.