JESUS CHRIST Heals Breast Tumours & Cancer

Emergency Prayer – when in fear & confusion

First Step

You must accept that GOD created you & GOD loves you

Second Step

You must agree that you have sinned & you want GOD to save you. Say this prayer that washes your sins and saves you from everything. Repeat it until your heart understands.

Third Step

Important: GOD’s command is to get complete healing you must be willing to forgive and love all. 

Prayerful women are on standby to pray to shrink the tumour, on Google Meet. There’s no cost – It’s free.

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Our Story


Read our story on how JESUS CHRIST restored a marriage and saved a family from destruction and turned sinners to servants
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Counsellors & Prayer Team


Sister Luisa


Sister Judy


Sister Grace

Languages: BM & Tamil

Sister Lisa

Languages: English & Tamil

Sister Martha

Languages: BM & Tamil

Sister Jeicy

Languages: English, BM & Tamil

Sister Carol

Languages: English & Cantonese

Sister Lydia

Languages: Tamil & Cantonese


Sister Melody

Language: English


Adonay YHWH Pastors

Christie (Pastor) & Sister Luisa

Andrew (Pastor) & Sister Judy

Johnson (Pastor)

Chua (Pastor)

Rangith (Pastor) & Sister Grace


Success (Pastor) & Sister Alison